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Baby One is born!  This is Barry.  The first of Many.

I just wanted to point out the timeline here.  Viola comes home from a big day at work, realizes she’s pregnant, and THEN kisses her husband for the first time.  Yep. Romance!

The McGraws relocated to this charming estate.  Violet’s hobby of choice turned out to be tinkering, so I got her an old junker to mess with.  

Thank you!  And now I’m never going to write a normal sim caption again!

simlili said: And you are owning the art of captioning sim pictures just as hard :D

Romance bloomed that winter, and soon Edward agreed to become Mr. Violet McGraw.  

Violet just wants to hurry up and get married and have her half dozen grandkids, but a girl’s got to eat.  She grabbed a job in the law field, and the next week or so was mainly skilling, schmoozing, and having the odd gossip session with her crush.

The very first person Violet met was the gardening committee guy.  They hit it off immediately, to say the least.

Meet Violet McGraw, Aquarius and family sim, and her crappy cramped legacy shack of tininess!

Argh!  I switched over to Sims Ultimate Edition, and I THOUGHT I saved Velocity, but I backed up the wrong hood.  So long Chris Mass, we barely knew ye. I’m messing about with starting a new hood and legacy, but we’ll see what happens.  

Chris had a few hours of quiet to work on his memoirs while Chester was at work. Chester, who’s now in the science track, brought Skye Weiss home.  Those two got along like gangbusters.  It was pretty hilarious.  Chris’s new work outfit proved interesting, to say the least.

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