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Well, Violet is pregnant again.  Barry and Edward are taking over a lot of toddler care duties so she can rest. Chris?  Chris is in the basement.

Whoa I just hit 200 followers!  Have some more pictures!  I’m not really a cc maker so… Anyway, this is the local grocery store and electronics store.  I like having all the basic shopping stuff all squished together.

It was dual birthday time today! Barry became a teenager and little Jill grew up into a toddler.  She’s kind of intense looking.  

Just so you guys know, I posted some pictures out of order, so don’t panic when poor Barry appears to magically age back to teen.  In other news, meet the North family!

They were the second playable family to move into Fidelity.

Barry is off to college! Is he ready for college life? Is college ready for him?

The first girl was born!  This is Jill.

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