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Okay, last batch of pictures for now.  I got to go play for about 12 more hours now!

Yep, looks like I’m playing this beastie.  I figure I may as well give some commentary and screenies in case anybody’s curious about the game.  If anybody has any questions or has anything they want me to try out in particular, I will try to oblige.

I’m having a bad day and I’m taking it out on EA!   Hey guys I know what Sims 5 is going to be!  Your Sim is deaf and mute and limbless and lying on a hospital bed.  He or she can only communicate in morse code by thumping her head up and down on the pillow.  BUT…  she will have very complex emotions!  She will be able to multitask head thumping, existential crises, catheter itching and creepy masturbatory help from nurses.  ALSO—- FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ANY SIMS GAME!!! SMELLOVISION!!!!

Chris and Dixie have rather different ideas about what college life is all about. 

Meanwhile, back at college, Chris and Dixie continue to have adventures.

Mary had her baby, little Eiss Land.  I get the feeling he’s going to be an intense little dude.

Just in case anyone was wondering where Woody disappeared to for this rotation.

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